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Welcome to Hybrid Sunshine
When investing in Solar technologies you need quality information upon which to base your investment decision. Solar Systems, especialy Hybrid and Off-Grid Systems, are a major investment - not a conventional consumer purchase! We are Independent Solar Consultants and Solar Project Managers. You can engage us to provide unbias advice, quality investment support and project management. We provide expert Solar System Tuning and Investment Due-Diligence Reports using our Solar Energy Simulator. We do not sell or re-sell any solar technologies and provide services without product hype or sales pressure.

We ‘tune’ hybrid & off-grid solar systems by simulating your home or business energy profile and maximise your solar investment return.

Experts in Solar and Battery Hybrid and Off-Grid Power

Wolfgang Flatow has been involved in Solar R&D since the 1970s, he has invented Solar Irrigation Pumps and Black Fluid Solar Collectors. He has designed, built and sailed Solar Electric Catamarans and has many solar adventures to share.

  • We have carefully researched the latest solar technology and operate a fully Hybrid Solar Property.
  • We have 30 years of professional software development experience and have developed a powerful Solar Energy Simulator.
  • Our passion and experience has been combined to bring investment grade information and services for people considering solar investment.
  • Our primary goal is to demystify the solar investment and demonstrate the potentials of Hybrid & Off-Grid Solar technology combinations.

Hybrid Sunshine Simulator

We have talked to many people about Solar Energy and have found great confusion and misunderstanding among those considering solar and existing solar owners.
It is not really surprising. Once we get past “a Solar System will generate power and reduce your bill”, things get very complex. Questions we then get are typically:

  • How much power will it generate?Confused - Hybrid Sunshine helps
  • How much money will it save?
  • Will it still be viable without a feed-in-tariff?
  • When will it pay for itself?
  • What about Batteries?
  • Can I get off the grid?

These questions are answered accurately with 30 years of Solar experience and powerful tools.

We colaborate to tune Hybrid & Off-Grid combinations of Solar PV / Solar Hot Water / Batteries / Wind / Generator / Grid to match your appliance consumption profile.

Hybrid Sunshine

By Hybrid Sunshine we are referring to hybrid combinations of solar, wind and battery technologies, and a hybrid approach to managing your home energy consumption.

  • Combinations of Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Wind and Battery energy systems create a Hybrid Solar System that are both back-to-grid and stand-alone.
  • Hybrid Solar Systems maintain power when the grid goes down (back-to-grid systems shut down when the grid shuts down).
  • Hybrid Solar Systems allow you to self-consume peak solar power (at retail rate) instead of feeding it back to the grid (at the feed-in-tariff).
  • Hybrid Solar Systems maximise energy independence and are a big step toward going off-grid.
  • We expand the meaning of 'Hybrid' by including passive systems such as skylights, double glazing and insulation as well as other local energy opportunities.
  • A 'Hybrid Energy System' aims to maximize returns on your Solar Investment while greatly increasing your Energy Independence.

We provide advice for builders of new homes and other outdoor structures. Homes, garages, workshops, barns etc can be optimised for Solar Energy in many ways. If you are building anything you will gain great benefit by taking Solar Energy into consideration.

You should consider:

  • Good solar alignment
  • Shading
  • Panel friendly roof structure
  • Passive heating & cooling
  • Solar angle
  • Solar Area

to maximise your solar Opportunity.

So Hybrid Sunshine stands for all the passive and active combinations of solar technologies, building design, location and consumption management.

Client Feedback

Hi Wolfgang,

Moving off grid, is a big jump for many of us, but doing it totally after having everything on tap 24/7, has been a leap of faith.

The biggest issues are power security, how much do I have and how long do I have it for, before I have to curtail my activities. These are issues more for our partners and female folk, as they are often the ones who do more domestic related actions around the house.

Both Kerry and I have been very pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly we have been able to use the system you designed for us. An 8.3Kw collection system with a 6kva diesel back up….should we ever need it.

Yesterday, Kerry did 4 consecutive washing loads all before 8.30am (I’m sure she was washing before the sun got up). She played music throughout that time and did all the normal breakfast and cleaning chores, showers etc.; before having the thought about power usage.

I had reassured her everything would be okay, but she needed to see for herself and promptly ran into the shed to view the power storage indicator and was expecting it to be drained significantly after all the power she had used, and the fact that the day was still overcast.

It is interesting how your mind shifts, when you have to live a little differently.

Anyway, on inspection of the light panel, indicators showed the system, despite the work already done, it was full…….fully charged and throttling down. The sun had been up, less than 2 hours. She was amazed. Immediately this has given her the confidence that she can live a “normal” functioning household without worrying about if she’s going to have enough power to do everything. She immediately recognised that, we have power to burn, as they say.

It is very important that as a consumer of so called “new technologies” we have confidence in what we have just purchased. It has to be as good and live up to expectations, before we feel confidence in how it will shape our lives. The system you designed and organised for us meets with those expectations and will certainly provide for future use at the farm.

I am delighted to say that after our very first discussion and subsequent meeting onsite, everything we have discussed in our short term and long term plans the power security has been met.

Both Kerry and I are delighted and have been singing your praises to all and sundry. It is so nice to find someone who understands your needs, but is more intent on building a relationship, rather than looking at the opportunity to sell more stuff.

We look forward, to a long and happy life here at Summerholm without the worry of forever escalating power bills.

Many thanks.

John & Kerry Battersby, Summerholm Wellness Farm

Confused Solar Buyers,

I came across the Hybrid Sunshine web while researching a Solar System for my home.  What a relief, I found someone to help me understand Solar and who was on my side!  I booked a consultation then and there.

Wolfgang was a pleasure to deal with.  He found the best spots for panels, checking compass bearings, roof angles, shading (a tree might go), access and so on. He then showed me around my Hybrid Sunshine membership area and set up my solar energy simulator.  WOW, this is brilliant! We entered the site details and appliances I use, how much they use and when they are on.

I was then shown how to try different Solar, Wind and Battery combinations, run simulations and create reports.
This has transformed my understanding of the electricity I use and how Solar works.  I am getting close to a system I am happy with and getting some quotes.

Thanks Hybrid Sunshine.

Ted Birmingham, Home Owner in Caloundra